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Think about this for a second...
You knew the fine art of persuasion
before you ever thought about
becoming an online marketer.

Heck, I bet you were honing your
persuasion skills when you were just
an elementary school kid out on the

Let me give you an example...
Maybe you traded lunches with
a friend. Or marbles...

Or Pokemon cards.
Tell me, how did you do it?

You probably opened up with some
low-ball trade. If your friend wavered –
and if you really wanted to complete
the “transaction” – what did you do

That’s right, you threw in a bonus.

For example, if you were trading
sandwiches, you might offer one
of your cookies as a bonus. Or if
you traded marbles, you might throw
in a few extra cat’s eyes to get that
beautiful shooter. Point is, you knew

by the time you were eight years old
that bonuses and incentives worked

like magic to persuade people to do
what you want...

And guess what?...

Bonuses and Incentives STILL Work Like
Magic to Get What You Want – Especially
When it Comes to Your Business!

Of course that’s only if you know the right
way to use bonuses and incentives in your

business. Because if you do it wrong, the
whole thing can backfire. Instead of being

persuasive, you’ll just look pathetic...
And that’s where this exciting new guide

comes in...
Introducing “The Big Book On Bonuses”
Discover How To Use Bonuses And Incentives To
Get More Subscribers, Sales and Customers...

In just a moment you’re going to find out
how to optimize your bonus and

incentive strategy in your business.
But first, let me give you a heads up...

If you’re looking for an in-depth tutorial,
this isn’t it. This guide isn’t going

to give you step-by-step instructions. ..
It’s not going to hold your hand
through every step...

Because you already know the basics, right? (Heck, you knew them by the
time you were eight.) What you ARE going to get are all sorts of tips, tricks
and secrets of maximizing your profits
with bonuses and incentives!

Here’s exactly what you get inside this exciting guide...
Inside this jam-packed report we’ll cover the three steps you need to
optimize your bonus and incentive strategy, including:

• Using Bonuses
• Creating Bonuses
• Optimizing Bonuses

Here’s a sneak peek at just a handful of the 100+ tips, tricks and
secrets that you’re about to download...

• You’ll discover 18 different types of bonuses and incentives
you can use to grow your business!

You’ll find out how to use bonuses to sell more affiliate
products, boost sales of your own products, get more
subscribers, motivate your affiliates and more!...

• You’ll get 15 surefire places you can promote your bonus for
maximum effect!...

You’ll get two call-to-action templates you can swipe and put
to use immediately to start promoting your bonuses!...

• You’ll find out four surprising ways to use bonuses to slash
your refund rate!...

• You’ll get a mini worksheet to help you determine exactly
what sort of bonus to create!...

• You’ll learn about five quick and easy ways to create a bonus
(and the three factors that will determine which method is
right for you)!...

You’ll find out how to acquire a bonus product without lifting a
finger – and it won’t cost you a single cent!....

• Need help brainstorming? You’ll get 22 examples of bonuses
across five popular niches!...

You’ll learn a simple trick for turning your bonus into another
revenue stream!...

• You’ll get a list of 10 types of coupons that work like crazy to
move prospects towards the order button!>>>

You’ll find out how to use referral incentives to grow your

Plus you’ll get dozens of other tips, tricks, hacks, lists
and more that you can use to start getting more sales,

building your lists, motivating affiliates
and growing your business using bonuses and

If you’re looking to make the most out of your bonus
and incentive strategy, then you’re going to want
to download this guide today....

So, now you have just one question...

"How Much Is It?"...

This is the part where you’re about
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A good bonus and incentive strategy can absolutely
skyrocket your profits. But even if this guide gives
you just one tip to generate one extra sale,

then you’ve recouped your investment...

But let’s not kid ourselves – there are 100+ tips
and tricks inside this guide,..

so you’re likely to find plenty of information
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